Web Master - SEO Consulting - IT Engineer - Machine Learning Engineer


Hi ! My name is Pablo, I'm 26 and I'm passionate about IT. I was born in the South of France and I decided to study computer science 7 years ago, but if you want to know more about my qualifications and experiences, you can see my cv with the link below

I'm a simple guy who have a lot of preference and morals! I'm passionate with climbing (bouldering). I left my beautiful country in 2017 ! I travelled 8 months in Asia, 3 months in France and 10 months in Autralia with a Working Holiday Visa. I wanted to travel to open my mind to different countries and to know how people live in them own country.

In 2021 I'll move to Canada for 3 years and I built this website, because (in my opinion), it's important to learn, discover and create. Having worked for 3 years as a data-analyst, I would now like to specialize in machine learning development, curious and dynamic, I would like to deepen my skills in this field that fascinates me. You can see some of my project with the link below

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